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Why use a travel advisor?

1.  Travel advisor gets to know you and what you look for in a vacation and match you with destinations that meet those desires. Searching destinations on the internet will return an overwhelming amount of results and a good camera angle can make almost anything look great. We help you sift through the options based on your desires and have either been to the places we recommend or have a trusted source who has been there so you can benefit from these experiences. 

2.  Travel advisors have established relationships and connections offering you the best prices and can often get you VIP treatment that you are unable to get when you book by yourself. They belong to networks and consortia groups that give us both buying power and extra amenities to offer clients. These networks are filled with travel advisors who send many people to many destinations. Simply put, you benefit from these relationships that have been established.

3.  When you book by yourself,  you are on your own. When you use a travel advisor you have an advocate on your side - a liaison between the resort, airline, hotel and yourself. Unforeseen issues are things that no one plans on but in the event they happen, you have someone who has your best interest at heart.