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The Honeymoon Co.

a travel planning service specializing in Italian destination weddings, bespoke honeymoons & romantic journeys


Are you overwhelmed WITh planning the perfect honeymoon?

I offer a personal travel planning service created out of a desire to assist couples in planning their honeymoon, destination wedding or romantic journey that is a reflection of their personalities.  

My primary focus is Italian honeymoons, however if your preferred honeymoon destination takes you somewhere else and I am unable to help, I am happy to refer you to one of my trusted advisors who will give you the same level of service.


What does it cost?

Most of the time - nothing. Why? 

Hotels & resorts pay a commission to travel advisors as well as online booking travel companies. A travel advisor offers a personal service and has your best interest in mind. Sure, you could do the research on your your own and book through an online travel company...but why? when you have someone to help in planning one of the most important trips you will take.  


Ready to plan?

  1. Fill out our questionnaire to help with getting to know you, your likes and dislikes. 

  2. Schedule a time with you both for a quick chat to discuss your honeymoon in a further detail.

  3. I then get to work on the research process and collaborate with you until we create your perfect honeymoon.